Your Route
to the North Pole
Small Norwegian town with a splendid tourism infrastructure, including comfortable hotels, great restaurants, and all sorts of winter recreation options!
The drifting station is built every year in the Arctic Ocean near the North Pole. Barneo offers everything you need to enjoy your stay before your flight to the North Pole and relax after the trip!
The North Pole
One of the world's most reliable helicopters will bring you to the precise geographic North Pole—the place that will forever remain in your heart.
Stay in our favorite
BaseCamp Hotel
(9.0 "Superb" rating on or choose from dozens of others.
The world's most experienced polar aviation pilots will bring you from Longyearbyen to Barneo Station in a specially tuned An-74 airplane.
Specially tuned An-74 airplane
…although you can also use your own transportation!
The An-74, as well as light aviation, can land on the Barneo runway, which is 1,000 meters long.
The runway is 1 kilometer long. The ice floe is selected specifically so that if it cracks, the runway can be continued in either direction. Thorough aerial surveillance is carried out prior to choosing an ice floe.
After a brief respite at Barneo Camp, you will continue on to the North Pole in a helicopter.
What's next?
Each person has his or her own North Pole.
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