Barneo Station
Comes to life every year in the Arctic Ocean. For a month, it serves as the main research and tourism base in the Arctic—the closest island of civilization to the North Pole.
Oceanography, cryobiology, hydrochemistry, aerology, glaciology, magnetometry, plankton studies, and cryofauna research.
Ski marathons, skydiving, polar scuba diving, model airplane building, figure skating, and even soccer!
Warm living quarters, a cozy mess room, an excellent cook, and a polar sauna—everything you need to relax after flying to the geographic North Pole.
Seasoned world travelers and fans of extreme tourism from around the globe
Børge Ousland
is a Norwegian polar explorer, photographer, and writer. He started his career as a Norwegian Navy Special Forces officer and spent several years working as a deep-sea diver. In 1994, he made the first solo and unsupported journey to the North Pole from Arctic Cape in Russia.
Galya Morell
is an explorer and adventure artist. Following in the steps of her Northern ancestors, Komi reindeer herders and Pomor mammal hunters, Galya Morrell has lived and travelled in the Arctic for over 30 years. Under the stage name ColdArtist, Galya explores the limits of the body and the possibilities of the mind, working in a rare genre of visual synthetic performance on the drifting sea ice.
Inge Solheim
is an internationally renowned guide, adventurer, and partnership-builder. He is one of the world's leading authorities on the polar regions and an ambassador for brands, charities, and countries. Inge has been featured in numerous prime-time television shows on the BBC, NBC, C4, Sky, TV Norge, the History Channel, and NRK. He has delivered some of the world's most difficult disabled expeditions, overcoming immense challenges in mobility, sight, and mental impairment.
Prince Harry
joined a group of wounded servicemen for the first stage of their 200-mile trek to the North Pole in aid of the charity Walking With the Wounded, of which he is patron. The team of six included four soldiers who were injured in Afghanistan, two of them amputees. They set out to raise £2 million for the charity. Text: The Telegraph, photo: AP
Watch the videos recorded at Barneo, and perhaps you will come up with a script for a movie about your own trip to the North Pole!
Dmitry Yakovlev's video, April 2016
Conversation of pilots while landing at Barneo
The Team
A team of the world's most experienced specialists, who have been involved in construction of such stations for 15 years, are involved in the camp's construction and maintenance.
Head of the Polus Expeditionary Center, polar aviation navigator
Alexander Orlov
Operational director of the Barneo Camp, editor in chief of Kajut-Compania magazine
Irina Orlova
Barneo Station Tourist Registration Coordinator
Margarita Tertitskaya
Head of the Research Base
Dmitry Mamadaliyev
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