Seasoned world travelers and fans of extreme tourism from around the globe.
Børge Ousland
is a Norwegian polar explorer, photographer, and writer. He started his career as a Norwegian Navy Special Forces officer and spent several years working as a deep-sea diver. In 1994, he made the first solo and unsupported journey to the North Pole from Arctic Cape in Russia.
Galya Morell
is an explorer and adventure artist. Following in the steps of her Northern ancestors, Komi reindeer herders and Pomor mammal hunters, Galya Morrell has lived and travelled in the Arctic for over 30 years. Under the stage name ColdArtist, Galya explores the limits of the body and the possibilities of the mind, working in a rare genre of visual synthetic performance on the drifting sea ice.
Inge Solheim
is an internationally renowned guide, adventurer, and partnership-builder. He is one of the world's leading authorities on the polar regions and an ambassador for brands, charities, and countries. Inge has been featured in numerous prime-time television shows on the BBC, NBC, C4, Sky, TV Norge, the History Channel, and NRK. He has delivered some of the world's most difficult disabled expeditions, overcoming immense challenges in mobility, sight, and mental impairment.
Prince Harry
joined a group of wounded servicemen for the first stage of their 200-mile trek to the North Pole in aid of the charity Walking With the Wounded, of which he is patron. The team of six included four soldiers who were injured in Afghanistan, two of them amputees. They set out to raise £2 million for the charity. Text: The Telegraph, photo: AP
Albert II, Prince of Monaco
is an enthusiastic sportsman, participating in cross country, javelin throwing, handball, judo, swimming, tennis, rowing, sailing, skiing, squash, and fencing. Prince Albert II competed in the bobsleigh at five consecutive Winter Olympics for Monaco. In 1985 he took part in the Paris–Dakar Rally. Prince Albert II has also engaged in a Russian Arctic expedition, reaching the North Pole in 2006. He is the first reigning head of state to have reached the North Pole.
Nikolay Drozdov
is a professor of Moscow State University and a popular TV host. Drozdov has worked on the Russian show "In the World of Animals" for over 30 years. In 1995 the show won the TEFI award as the best popular scientific program. Drozdov is a recipient of the UNESCO Albert Einstein Gold Medal. He has written 20 books and numerous articles, and is an ecology adviser to the UN Secretary General.
Leonid Yakubovich
is a Russian actor and television host, best known for hosting the game show Pole Chudes (the Russian version of the Wheel of Fortune). He is one of the most well-known television and Internet personalities in Russia.
Art Mortvedt
On April 6, 2013 he flew over the North Pole in the "Polar Pumpkin," an orange plane in which he flew over the South Pole on Nov. 22, 1999. It took years of planning and three attempts to reach the North Pole.
"It's been a challenge, but a very interesting challenge, interacting with people of many countries and many backgrounds. It's a lot of work, but very enjoyable in many ways," he said.
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